Astronomy and Astrology were together for a very long time. If you look at history, most of the visionary astronomers were also astrologers, to name a few, Aryabhata, Newton, Galileo, and Keppler. Astrology is a very huge topic and can predict the future accurately if you get an understanding of details.

Different cultures and traditions have different kinds of astrology. Vedic (Indian), Chinese, Egyptian, Astrology from the West, etc. The roots of astrology are still not known; some personally believe it is there since 3000BC. There is a lot of reference about astrology in Mahabharata, actuality one of the Pandavas (Sahadeva) was an expert astrologer. The Kurukshetra war was dated to 1000BC from the astronomical evidence provided in Mahabharata. There is evidence in history that astrologers have predicted Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon’s nature of death. Dr. B.V.Raman’s predictions during World War II were surprisingly accurate. There are a lot of facts trying to prove that Astrology can avoid the time test.

Before Keppler was able to formulate the planetary motion, before Newton was able to study the gravitational force, before Galileo was able to prove the Heliocentric model, and before Westerns talked about a spherical earth, ancient Indian astrologers were able to accurately predict not just the current position of planets, but the exact position of planets in the past, present and future. Even today, it is a standard practice for astrologers to give a planetary position for the coming year and some for a decade coming using the same ancient technique in what is called a Panchang. Before coming to the point of prediction, there are two primary steps in astrology, one is projecting the horoscope for the individual’s birth time, the other is studying the effect on the person based on the planet’s position. The first step is undoubtedly reliable and has been tested by modern science, but the second step is not yet but at the same time it is also not fair to blindly reject the profound knowledge of such Maharishis as Parasara, Varahamira, etc.

It is logical proof that the planets have a physical influence on earth. Tides, volcanoes, earthquakes, and many other physical phenomena is a result of these influences, and since the human body is also made up of earthly mater like water, iron, calcium, etc. it also effects on human bodies.

Late Dr.B.V.Raman, a modern-day astrologer has strengthened his passion for astrology. He wrote a lot of books explaining astrological science. It is not possible and fair to compare today’s astrologers with the astrologers of the ancient day because it is not an easy task to master these divine abilities.