The second eclipse will be seen in a 15-day interval in July. The lunar eclipse will take place on July 16-17. This eclipse will be visible in India. In addition to India, this lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America. Earlier on July 2, the solar eclipse occurred. This lunar eclipse will remain in India for three hours. Such a yoga will be rebuilt after 149 years, some special yoga will be made on the lunar eclipse on July 16-17. Even after 149 years ago, a lunar eclipse was found on Guru Purnima, when the Moon was located in Sagittarius with Saturn and Ketu. While the sun was in Gemini with Rahu. Lunar eclipse time.

Whenever moonlight takes place on the full moon, it is only 9 hours before the sunk eclipse begins. When the sun eclipse begins, 12 hours before the eclipse begins. Based on this astrological calculation, the yoke ring of the moon eclipse will start from 1.30 pm. The Guru Purnima and the lunar eclipse will be held simultaneously even before the yoga work of Guru Pooja is done.

During the eclipse some caution

– During the eclipse, oiling on the head, eating and eating is taboo.

– During the eclipse, the outbreak of bacteria and infection in the atmosphere increases rapidly. Eating in such a way is likely to cause infection more. Therefore, avoid eating food during the eclipse.

– At the time of the eclipse, the husband and wife should not have physical relations at any cost. During this time, if the pregnancy stops, the child may be disabled or mentally insane.

– Any auspicious and new work should not be started at the time of the eclipse.