Vedic astrology is one of the vedangas of the Vedas, in that a person’s destiny is determined by his/her karma. Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and meditation are vast topics that can be fully understood for many years, if not a lifetime. Jyotish enables you to know the impacts on your lives of an external universe. Meditation makes you realize that you are the Universe; the universe is inside you.

Jyotish chart tell us useful information related to wealth and regular meditation practice provide you to live the fullness of life. In simple words, Jyotish provides the future possibilities and meditation gives clarity to take a turn, proceed with caution, or sit back and enjoy the scenery.

As with all elements of Vedic knowledge, everything is interwoven and compliments everything else. The information you obtain from astrology promotes your meditation practice and your meditation practice provides you a greater insight into the same understanding. According to Vedas, our soul decides to come to this world with the physical body. They at the time of birth our all-important part such as inner lights, karma, and breath were all get activated.

Everything in the Universe is sound or vibration at a basic level. Every part of the human body, every quality you experience in your life, and every aspect of the surrounding environment vibrates at its own specific frequency. You are encircled by the beautiful symphony of creation and an essential player. You are not distinct or isolated but united in an organic, rhythmic wholeness. Whatever happens anywhere in the universe impacts everything else and understanding the interplay of all these distinct forces enables you to live a happy, safe, and harmonious life.

Jyotish analyzes the things of the universe and gives the picture of over your life or tells that how the energies of your past thoughts and how you manage your action in the future. It gives information about your activities in your life, what you do things and when. Our all process is revolved around your karmas, what you do in your past and what now you are doing is all related to each other. Based on this Jyotish gives ideas on how you improve your activities in the future and how to control the future.

In meditation, you go beyond the mind, transcending memories and desires to enter the field of Infinite Possibilities. Meditation gives inner peace, freeness, activates your power of self-will and expands your awareness. With meditation, you can take the decision, navigate life’s challenges and not creating new ones. When meditation helps you to solve this problem, Jyotish gives you the direction of flow.

A simple way to enhance your astrology meditation experience would be to identify the main element present in your Jyotish chart. Someone with the element space could benefit from the expanded collective harmony of meditating with a group. If your component is air, open a window and appreciate a gentle breeze flow. If the fire is your leading component, attempt burning a candle during your meditation. Open yourself to the opportunities and begin your journey.